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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Added Basil's tweets to the sidebar, as well, because it's no fun to just hear from one of those two and not the other.

I think I'd just like to lodge a complaint over the fact that there's, well, a new Arthur movie. How can you remake a Dudley Moore film? You don't. Seriously, just watch this and tell me the remake is going to be anywhere near this. It won't be. I can tell you that right now. It just won't.

This movie is very near and dear to my heart. I even borrowed the line 'sometimes I just think funny things' from here as a nod to it. That's been my mantra ever since I heard it. I just don't understand why you would take this brilliantly funny, absolutely adorable film and remake it with Russell Brand.

I also spent this morning watching cricket. I swear I'm an American. Really. But it's always a good point of reference to know how some of your characters' favorite sport actually works.