About The Author(s)

This is Steph Diorio, the person actually writing the novel. She likes writing stories about dead people.

Really, she's a trained historian. She does a lot of research on the evolution of comedy. She also works as an archivist.

Londinium is a story she is writing about two people and their friends set in 1863 London. There is banking intrigue and class conflict and all that good stuff. And a murder or two, of course. Historians are by their nature violent people, or at the very least enjoy to write about violence because it means people actually read what they write because it's interesting. Otherwise, nobody reads.

Steph has four cats and two Old English Sheepdogs and loves baseball, comedy, cars (and Top Gear), reading, doing research, cycling, drawing cartoons (especially of her characters), and, of course, writing. She can also only cook fried rice for some reason.

Dustin Thatcher (right) was 24 years old in 1863. Technically, he should be dead now, but he's contributing here instead because he's a fictional character and he can do that. Besides writing on that Twitter website when he remembers to use it, he loves playing the piano (it's his favorite) and playing marbles, because growing up is entirely optional. He's learned to enjoy certain modern things like the picture box because it allows him to watch West Ham United when he's not at games. Besides the piano, he can play the organ and a little bit of harpsichord, and he's picking up the guitar over time (when he's not in 1863). Basil thinks it's funny when he says the word 'guvmate.'

Basil Remington (left) does not actually think Dustin is funny. He is from a noble family from the Manchester area with a handsome sum of money, but a large amount of it went away due to a poor investment (which he's pretty sure was someone at Sir Norwood Linsay's bank's fault) and so just for some extra insurance Basil works at a bank now despite being the eldest son. People think he is odd for doing this. He is also told that he writes quite well and that he is a very humourous person. This is at times perplexing and irksome to him, although he has been known to use it to his advantage from time to time. Sometimes he plays the cello when bored, but he is somewhat out of practice with the instrument and is really not all that skilled with it. Very occasionally, he does something interesting, so you might as well keep an eye on him. It might be worth it.